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The symbol shown above is the caduceas, and it was an ancient astrological symbol of commerce and associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods. It has also been used to respresent support for both spiritual, health & medical purposes. I have chosen it to represent the support I pledge to you in everything I do.
Become The Greatest Version of Yourself.

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My Services

My services are only provided by me.
I will give you 100% of everything I am capable of - I want to enhance your life and I will support you in body, mind and spirit to achieve this.
I provide a digital support service to remind you of my services.


I have a Holistic Digital Newsletter
support for your mind

My digital newsletter JUICE is full of cutting edge digital marketing information to help you work smarter rather than harder.
But more than that it is backed up by personal 1:1 support.
I provide a 'contract management service' that could support or manage your digital marketing.
Visit my specialist digital marketing website about 'interacting for success'.

support for your body

JUICE also provides Insights on 'The Nutritional Logistic Program'. This is one of the most detailed and thorough programs for improving your physical body and mind. It is FREE and includes insights on the most nutritionally dense whole food in the world, insights for weight loss, toning and body building.
It also includes insights on exercise and fitness and specialist subjects like - Intermittent Fasting, performance based HIIT, and how to loose body fat and gain muscle 'at the same time'. There is too much to list here, thats why you should sign up for JUICE and get all the insights - fed to you in bite sized chunks.
JUICE also has recipe's and menus on shakes and meals. It also has specialist information on 'Nutritional Ketosis' and insights for veggie's and vegans.
If you are a PERFORMANCE ATHLETE then JUICE is for you.

I am looking for enthusiastic health and fitness related individuals to expand the marketing potential for the superfoods product. The opportunity is too exciting to discuss on the website - please ring me.

support for your spirit

If you want a better work / life balance or wish to have greater insights on energy, frequency and spirituality then JUICE is for you.

If you are one of the few people that consider the bigger picture and have looked more into 'The Purpose of Life', perhaps even spirituality, then you may be interested in my books - click here for the details.



Please tick below to indicate if you prefer to receive JUICE by SMS or email.

I do not sell, give or transfer your contact details to anyone - and they are sent over MY secure php form - so they are safe.

Alternatively, you can sign up SOCIALLY- just by requesting me as a friend on facebook or as connection on LinkedIn.

You will receive JUICE on a regular basis
Kind Regards
Marcus Pearson

RING ME - 07931 326 164

Because You're Worth It

Because You're Worth It

Because You're Worth It
This is my introductory book

Only £2.42 from Amazon Kindle Store
You can download a free kindle viewer for use on your mobile or laptop.
Click here for more details and to buy the book.

07931 326 164

The Ultimate Purpose

The Ultimate Purpose

The Ultimate Purpose is my main book and is available to purchase directly from my secure online website

The Ultimate Purpose
£14.95 for the download.

Click Here To Go To Secure Website

After your payment has been confirmed you will be provided with the download link - thank you.

Intro about the book:

Author’s Supportive Notes:
This is a short book with a clear intention - to invite you to gain enlightenment and find your JUICE - THE ELIXIR OF LIFE.

My name is Marcus Pearson and I have been enlightened as to why we were created and what The Ultimate Purpose of Life is.

I am not religious, nor political and I am not really what you would consider spiritual.

I am a working class man from Rochdale, Lancashire in the UK.

I am prepared to share with you perspective that has changed my life and may change your life for the better – I would like to drip some JUICE – The Elixir Of Life in your direction.

I seek to do this with 2 books - my main book "The Ultimate Purpose" and my introductory book "Because You're Worth It"

Without enlightenment you may understand the words and perceive their meaning, but you will not truly be aware or believe what you are reading.
If we seek to gain awareness and enlightenment of life from purely a scientific and sensual awareness, then that is what we will get - a sensual awareness of the physical world.
The Ultimate Purpose is a PARADOX in that if we want to know what it is, we have to know ourselves at the core - we have to explore and be enlightened from beyond our waking senses. We must receive awareness from beyond our conscious thoughts and sub-conscious dreams - it is that simple - BUT HARD TO ACHIEVE FOR MANY PEOPLE.
I predict that this unexplained and unknown 'entity' that I refer to as LEGS - (Love, Energy, God, Spirit or Soul) may be evidenced by science in the future, moreover , this book will explain why this is likely.
Our perspective is created from physical matter. The tiny 'quarks and electrons' that science has discovered, have an ability to be a 'particle or wave'. They also emit a positive or up charge and a negative or down charge. These PARTICLES AND WAVES are the basis of ALL MATTER EVERYWHERE,  in every solar system anywhere - so, it is not inconceivable that such a 'physical creation' (and one that we don't fully understand) may lead scientists down the road to evidencing, accepting and quantifying the origin of all our perspective and life - and ultimatley our soul.
This is not what the book is about; this book is about gaining enlightenment from this unknown energy source, and using it to take action and have a clear purpose in your life. This book is an invitation for you to consider gaining enlightenment for yourself - "from scientists to spiritual swingers, religious diplomats and intellectual assassins - I invite you all."

The Ultimate Purpose is a 'DEEP' book and it I urge everyone to read my introductory book first - "Because You're Worth It".

All my love,

Marcus Pearson

07931 326 164

SF1 from superfoods4u

Get to the Top has a Superfoods website:
SF1 is a versatile whole food in a powder form. It may be added to water or a variety of milk or fruit - in fact it may be mixed with anything that you like. We would encourage you to try mixing SF1 with your favourite shake ingredients, this way you should enjoy it more. Then take SF1 daily and you will gain from all its benefits.

We have our own You Tube video channel that has recipe ideas for SF1 plus other recipe ideas for anyone that is ketogenic.

Affordable and Versatile

Your first purchase should be a positive one - and superfoods4u have provided a flexible initial purchase option to ensure you get value for money.

  • You may purchase a small sample of SF1 that will enable you to make up 3 shakes with your favourite ingredients - this will only cost you £8.30 (including delivery).
  • You may purchase 1 x 210g pouch of SF1 - this will cost you £27.30 (including delivery).
  • You may purchase 4 x 210g pouches of SF1. This will entitle you to 25% EXTRA FREE - you will get 5 x 210g pouches for the price of 4 - this will cost you £96.00 (including delivery - which with this order IS FREE).
  • You may ring Marcus and discuss any other option that you would like - he is quite flexible and very friendly.
superfood 14 day money back guarantee

We also provide a 14 day money back guarantee - so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

SF1 may be used as a supplement or as a meal replacment, and as such the amount you use and how you use it will determine its true cost and value to you.


Visit the site for more info

Supporting Info:

Marcus Pearson
Marcus Pearson is based in Greater Manchester, England. He trades under the business name - "Get to the Top" and this includes a holistic website, a health, nutrition and exercise website and a digital marketing website.
The overall aim is to support people become "The Greatest Version of Themselves" - in body, mind and spirit.
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